One to One Coaching

Resolve your concerns.  Take your commitments and endow them with meaningful results.  In the areas of life that are important to you, whether school, studies, friendships or family, take a stand and the support you need.  Visit YourBest Coaching to find out more.

Children’s Hours Creative Listening for children aged three to ten.

“When we adults think of children, there is a simple truth which we ignore: childhood is not preparation for life, childhood is life. A child isn’t getting ready to live – a child is living. The child is constantly confronted with the nagging question, ‘What are you going to be?’ Courageous would be the youngster who, looking the adult squarely in the face, would say, ‘I’m not going to be anything; I already am.’”– Professor T. Ripaldi

Is your child ‘attention-seeking’?  Guess what?  It’s because she or he needs the right kind of attention. Weekly sessions for children, enabling them to be heard and to receive the attention that is usually needed.  Trained by Rachel Pinney, creator of Children’s Hours, our practitioner-trainer will help your child get balance in self-expression and reassurance in their relationships with other family members.

Fee:  £103 per hour per individual
Concessionary rate: £20 per hour
Mode: face to face only

Creating from Anger

Can you change your relationship to anger in 12 weeks?  After a lifetime of being reactive?  Yes and Yes!

Especially when you can look in detail at your triggers and your behaviour.  When you examine who your influences were for expressing anger.  When you consider what your primary needs are.  When you understand the role of fear in your anger – Yes!  But why would you want to make such a change?  Perhaps, because you now realise how much it is costing you in true self-expression, love, affinity with your family, others and in your personal growth.  Are those reasons enough for you to take that step?

When coaching in managing your anger, we enable you to make small and big changes that endure.  You will get to tackle the real source of your anger, your standards, values, defence mechanisms freeing you from the tyranny of your own or others’ poorly expressed anger.

Call us to arrange your 12-week personal coaching series.
Mode: face to face, by Skype or by telephone.
Fee:   £103 per hour per individual, couple or whole family.

Exemplary Study Skills

Using the StudyTech of Applied Scholastics, a person gets to learn how to learn, how to identify and handle barriers to study so then can progress and achieve.  Our Exemplary Study Skills help youngsters and adults to become independent learners.

Mode: face to face, by Skype or by telephone, after assessment.
Text book: £30
Fee:   £103 per hour per individual, couple or whole family.

English & Study Skills Coaching

What vision do you have for your child? Can we help you fulfil it? The United Kingdom’s National Curriculum for English comprises the statutory programmes of study and attainment targets for English. Students must therefore know how to study the subject, get the right skills and the required knowledge to achieve. Inside of powerful and affirming one-to- one lessons and interactions, YourBest teaches learners to develop the knowledge and skills required. Those teaching areas include, phonics, handwriting, reading for understanding, structured writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our teachers will coach you to achieve up to and beyond your current level of study.

Free initial assessment
Individual sessions for new clients @ £50
Package of eight sessions @ £360 (a saving of £40 when you buy the package)
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